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Wedding Ceremony only Hire Costs

Essex Hall

Monday –  Wednesday – £195.00
Thursday – £245.00
Friday/ Sunday/ Bank Holidays – £295.00
Saturday – £345.00

Princes Theatre

Monday – Wednesday – £395.00
Thursday – £445.00
Friday/ Sunday/ Bank Holidays – £495.00
Saturday – £545.00

Registry Fees (Payable to Essex County Council Registration Service)

  • Fee for entering a notice of marriage: £35.00
    For marriage, each party must give notice in their district of residence
  • Fee for entering a notice to register a civil partnership: £35.00
    For civil partnership, each party must give notice in their registration authority area, a fee of £35 is payable for each notice.
  • Fee payable to a Superintendent Registrar before whom a civil marriage is to be solemnized in approved premises (for his/her attendance and that of a registrar of Marriages
  • Fee payable to a civil partnership registrar to attend a partnership formation in approved premises:
    • Monday to Friday £390.00
    • Saturday £425.00
    • Sunday, Bank or Public Holiday £480.00
      Prices are subject to change.

Wedding Ceremony & Reception Costs

Enjoy exclusive use of the Princes Theatre auditorium and have your vey own dedicated and experienced wedding co-ordinator and theatre technician from your initial enquiry through to your big day.

Monday – Wednesday – £995.00
Thursday – £1,195.00
Friday/ Sunday/ Bank Holidays – £1,495.00
Saturday – £1,895.00

Venue access from 12.00pm. A fee of £30 per hour is applicable for earlier access.

Optional Extras

Why not add some extras to our package to give your wedding the real wow factor!

  • Chair cover and choice of coloured sash– £1.99 per chair
  • Projector and giant screen on stage – £120.00
  • 2x LED Blossom Trees – £40.00 per pair
  • Giant LOVE Letters – £150.00
  • Sweet Ferris Wheel – £150.00
  • Dancing in the Clouds – £95.00
  • Resident DJ – from £300.00
  • Pyrotechnics – £30 each
  • Confetti Canon – £30.00
  • Flitter Drop – £50.00
  • Giant Mirror Ball on stage – £60.00
  • Invites/ Save the date (Theatre ticket design) – £1.49 each
  • Pedestals & Busts – £100.00 per pa

Special Effects Package

  • 2x Pyrotechnics/ Confetti Canon/ Dancing in the Clouds – £175.00

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