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Princes Theatre Access Fund

Help local children to access the wonderful world of theatre. For a number of years, the Princes Theatre has been collecting donations from its customers at the end of performances to provide free seats for youngsters who would not normally be able to go to various shows, including our Christmas and Easter pantomimes. Tendring schoolchildren, children in care and other groups have already benefited from the generosity of our customers. Should you wish to add to the many kind-hearted donations, we would be very grateful.

You have been very kind in the past with supporting our young people to experience the fun of a pantomime. We have a number of young people who would love to enjoy this experience as they have never had the opportunity in the past. Our young people have come into care due to abuse or neglect, I work with the children to help to give them good memories as their past experiences have been very negative.

Tracy Salt

Child and Family Support Worker

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